27 June, 2013

The hottest & popular screen idols: Devon Ke Dev-Madadev's Mohit Raina, Ramayana's Ram Arun Govil

The face of the Indian television changed when the mythological serials were introduced to it. Amid high TRP race, still, the mythological soaps and the actors have been making waves. 

Be it the current hottest Mohit Raina who plays Lord Shiva in Life Ok’s Devon Ke Dev Mahadev or others.

Indian audience whole-heartedly accepted it. In fact, the people fell in love with the shows made a point to watch it; they use to make themselves available to watch these shows. The characters that played the roles of the Hindu Gods were recognized with their character names in real life and accorded a lot of respect and was loved by everyone.

‘Ramayan’, ‘Krishna’, ‘Jai Hanuman’ were among the most famous mythological serials. The characters who played the roles in the mythological series received huge admiration from the audience.

The most famous actors of these shows are Arun Govil, Sarvadaman D. Banerjee and Sanjay Khan.

Arun Govil who essayed the role of Hindu mythological God Ram, got very popular amongst the audience. In fact, still few recall him as the actor who played Ram.

Sarvadaman D. Banerjee is an another actor who shot to fame with a mythological serial that portrayed the story of lord Krishna, the actor played the role of the Hindu God ‘Krishna’ in it. 

Sanjay Khan is another name that became popular amongst the people for its role in ‘Jai Hanuman’. He played the role of Hindu god Hanuman.

Another most popular mythological character running these days is of Lord Shiva in the serial ‘ Devon K Dev..Mahadev’ actor Mohit Raina is receiving lot of appreciation, love and respect for his role.

Well, the popularity of television stars that were a part of the mythological series proves that whether its older generation or today’s both love to watch them.

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